Sports Betting

Our Sports Betting product has at least thousand sporting events everyday for your sports betting fans, it is the best choice of platform for your sports fans.

It is designed with complete custom solutions for our client in which they could reduce their business operational cost and importantly they would have their own brand designed in the sports betting product, including all sport leagues and event. If you are seeking to reduce the operating costs, or you wish to get the most updated sports betting offerings, United Gaming will endeavor to assist you, allowing you to focus more on marketing and promotion.

Apart from the custom solutions, our sports betting product has also integrated with user-friendly interface combined with the best API integration, not only matching with modern requirements but increasing the maintainability of the system. Powerful and easy for our client and players to understand the interface, it is the best choice of sports betting platform­. The features of our sports betting offerings are include;

  • Up to 60,000 unique events per month
  • Up to 1000 types of bets on more than 60 types of sports
  • Up to 150 soccer leagues

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