Land Based

Land Based operators are continually searching for new business client base to increase new level of profits. However most of them are facing difficulty in term of space and geographical constraint, has become a greatest challenge to them.

Most of the Land Based operators are possessing regular customers, and they have already familiar to your brand. It is natural that the implementation of land based solution is must in the competitive gaming industry.

Our land based solution will help you:

  • to maintain and strengthen your current profit
  • to upgrade your brand in the long term online gaming market
  • access to your platform at all times with wireless broadband connected
  • wider and richer your customer base
  • lower your setup cost

We have what you may need in the land based solution. We have many proven white label customers that have already grown their business with higher levels, and the process is pretty easy and flexible. Choosing United Gaming, you can obtain the double profits from both of your land based and online platform.

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